Demo Day

November 13, 2020 3-6 PM

Awarding Day & Special Session with Handry Satriago

November 14, 2020 3-6 PM


Winner will be announced at the end of Awarding Day, November 14, 2020. Terms & conditions applied.


Agradaya is a social enterprise that focuses on empowering local farmers in Yogyakarta and East Java by selling natural spices products such as powder spices, herbal tea, spices latte, and jamu that produced by the local farmers. Other than that, they organize workshops for public or private related to spices plantation, natural farming process, post-harvest process, cooking demo, herbal blend, and spice journey tourism. Agradaya has several achievements such as the 1st Winner of Wirausaha Sosial held by Wirausaha Muda Mandiri, the 1st Winner of Harmony with Nature Entrepreneur (Pengusaha Selaras Alam) by WWF, and the Finalist of Young Social Entrepreneur by Singapore International Foundation.

Bandung Bee Sanctuary

BBS is the first bee sanctuary cultivating district in Bandung City as an effort to prevent Colony Collapse Disorder with Sustainable Edutourism and accompaniment of Beekeeping. BBS also provides various derivative honey products, beekeeping starting kit, bee colonies, and bee sanctuary installation services.

Biomagg Indonesia

Biomagg is a startup that focuses on creating a sustainable environment by providing waste management services for businesses with bioconversion technology to process organic waste into renewable protein sources and organic fertilizers. Biomagg also sells renewable protein sources that turned into animal feed and organic fertilizer to sustaining a circular economy. The achievements that Biomagg has are the Finalist Diplomat Success challenge 2020, Finalist Ideanation 2020, Best Technology in Incubation Program from Indonesian ministry of research and technology 2017, and Finalist Indonesian Sociapreneur Challenge 2016.


Difabike is a company based in Yogyakarta that focuses on provides transportation service and tourism access for people who have disabled mobility. Difabike also empowers people with mild disabilities in Yogyakarta by provides driving training to become the driver of the Difabike transportation service. Difabike earns several achievements such as Best Social Impact DSC 2016, 2nd Winner ALIANZ EMPOWERING 2017, and The Pioneer of Online Motorcycle Taxis (ojek online) for the Disabled MURI 2020.

GMB Indonesia

GMB Indonesia is an integrative platform that facilitates students, teachers, and workers to publish books, improve competence, achievement, and welfare, through literacy programs that are developed sustainably. GMB Indonesia comes with a socio-edupreneur path that encourages the creation of a more meaningful and independent literacy and education ecosystem in Indonesia. GMB has several achievements which are 1st Place in the National Business Model Competition in the Entrepreneur Day event, Top 20 ASEAN Young Socialpreneur Program, and Holder of 3 MURI Indonesia Records.

Indigo Biru Baru

Indigo Biru Baru is a leading company that has the vision to reduce the harmful effect of chemical clothing dye on the environment by producing natural-based clothing dye from plants. Indigo Biru Baru provides natural dyeing service for the fashion industry and sells natural dyed clothes made by the local people of Solo. The achievement that Indigo Biru Baru earns is the first Winner of the National Technological Innovation Competition (Organized by Tangerang Selatan Global Innovation Forum).

Kampung Marketer

Kampung Marketer provides training sessions for local youth to become a remote professional team of customer service, online advertising, and others related to e-commerce at an affordable labor cost. Kampung Marketer also a platform that enables the trained local youth to collaborate and get hired with SME's in Indonesia. Kampung Marketer has two achievements which are the 1st Winner of Generation Impact Fellowship Asia Pacific (Organized by Impact Hub Asia Pacific) and 1st Winner of Young Changemakers Social Academy (Hosted by


Pictafish is an aquaculture service partner for farmers and ponds owner who aims to produce high-quality fish and shrimp. Pictafish provides Technology (IoT and AI) subscriptions, pond construction services, electrical and plumbing design services, aquaculture legal and assessment consultants, pond operator services, and profit-sharing. Pictafish win as the 1st winner of the Republic of IoT (RIOT), Best IoT Startup Nominee Indonesia Rice Bowl Startup Awards, Top 40 Startups at “International Business Model Competition”, Microsoft and Harvard USA, and 2nd International Conference on Food Agricultural & Natural Resources.

Rumah Mocaf

Rumah Mocaf is a social enterprise that produces and promotes Mocaf (modified cassava flour) a gluten-free all-purpose flour made from cassava as an effort to support national food security and to improve the welfare of local cassava farmers. Rumah Mocaf runs a cluster-based industry by establishing the Mocaf home industry in the villages of Banjarnegara to regenerate the rural economy. Rumah Mocaf has several achievements such as Duta Petani Millennial (Millennial Farmer Ambassador) of the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic Indonesia Awardee of Australia Awards Indonesia – AAI International Business Readiness and Women-led MSMEs in the Food Sector (IACEPA) Short Term Award.

Tech Prom Lab

Tech Prom Lab is a research company based in Bandung, specialized in innovating building materials to support creating a sustainable environment. Their first product is called PoreBlock, a block of porous concrete made from waste that able to absorbs water to reduces the potential of flooding in big cities. Techpromlab’s greatest achievement is becoming the Grand Winner of Tech Planter World Communication 2020 in Tokyo, Japan that previously must compete in national and south-east Asia regional.